Maxim McNair

I’m a Creative Engineer interested in the intersection of Math, Comp Sci and Design.

Currently exploring the world of image manipulation in WebGL.


A preview of various projects I've led, and tools I've built.

WebGL Photo Filters

WebGL Photo Filters

An exploration of achieving common photo filters and effects with WebGL and GLSL. This was later expanded into a series of articles where I break down the GLSL functions.

  • WebGL
  • GLSL
  • Image processing


Nmblr is a real-time collaboration platform for research and discovery in pharma. I led the construction of this greenfield project with a focus on building an interactive and real-time app with drag-and-drop functionality throughout.

  • React
  • Sockets
  • Postgres
  • Node
  • GraphQL


Led development of Cables, A no-code node based animation tool for creating shaders in the browser.

  • WebGL
  • Svelte

Open Type Collective

A showcase of open source variable typefaces that you can use on any project.

  • Svelte


InMySize is a streetwear shopping app that shows users clothing from multiple stores that are currently in stock. Sizes are continuously updated using Node-based crawlers.

  • React Native
  • Node JS
  • Koa
  • MongoDB
  • Design


A collection of experiments in WebGL, Canvas 2d and Blender. Click through to view interactive experiments.