Law of 100

In most things I try I normally fail due to one thing, consistency. When I start a project it's all I think about. I dream of all the possibilities, and focus down on the details. However after a time there is always a new shiny project around the corner, that steals my attention. When I move onto the next thing the original project just ends up sitting in a directory on my computer gathering dust.

Noah Kagan has a great video about his method The Law of 100. In it he talks about a study by the University of Miami that broke up their photography class into two cohorts:

  • Quantity - They had to take 100 photos in a semester to get an A
  • Quality - They only had to take 1 perfect photo to get an A

The results at the end of the semester show the quantity group came out stronger. This was because they focused on repetition. They experimented more and learned from their mistakes, making them improve over time. No one gets better doing something by just thinking about it, you need to practice and produce to improve.

So my plan is to write 100 articles on this website. Share what I'm currently learning and working on. So when I do things there will be documentation of it and hopefully someone else can learn something from my work.

Here's my current progress: